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Baby Face Hank is a darling boy! He has a gorgeous coat, paired with the cutest expression! He adores being the center of attention, though he does tend to be independent as well. He enjoys his toys and can typically be found with one close by!

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Harvey is a darling boy who is ready to take on the world as your pride and joy! He has a beautiful coat that is paired ever so perfectly with his darling expression! He has been very well socialized and is always happy to be close to you for sweet snuggles! He is very playful and spunky, and can light up any room he enters!

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From the tip of his black nose to the wagging of his tiny tail, Harrison is ready to meet his new family and give love galore. He adores people, and after being socialized with people of all ages, is ready to play fetch with new friends. He is a big lover and always so very happy!

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Hector is a handsome boy who is ready to make your home complete with his perfect puppy personality and an easy going temperament. He adores people, and giving kisses is just about his favorite thing to do! He is very happy and playful. He loves toys and happy to cuddle in a lap.

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This little one is going to stay with me.

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This is the sire when he was a puppy

Grand Champion - Kneel